67 none ac heater controls in a 70 model will they interchange

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  1. moparpapa.

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    Apr 20, 2018
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    4:38 AM
    looking to see if any one may know if they will interchange for the best i can tell the 67 looks like it is made a little better mine has the plastic guides chipped on the back side and makes the levers loose when you move them ? or any one have a really good set they want to sale that would fit a 70 duster thanks for any help i can get
  2. RedFish

    RedFish Well-Known Member

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    Sep 5, 2007
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    5:38 AM
    Sorry but 67 is totally different. Mounting bolt on the left side was placed between the fan switch and sliders. 68 and later have both bolts at ends. The 67 levers pivot rather than squarely side so the slots in the 67 bezel are longer also.
    Someone should reproduce those little plastic guides for the 68-72 controller but I've never found them. good luck
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