67 twin turbo dart


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Apr 11, 2014
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Nampa, Idaho
Hello everyone im the one who bought Mad dart's car been a slower process then his figure I'd do an update since I got the car few months ago. Havent done the motor or trans yet been working on the interior first. Put sone insulation on the floor, roof and inside the doors and quarter window area, installed and have mostn of it wired a EZwiring kit, adding power window to the doors bit thats it, have the motor and regulators just waiting till I get the front and rear glass reinstalled after I do the head liner. But front to rear lights are done waiting for the custom dash panel to be made, have the front suspension in the car just need to do the rear end.got some new wheels for the front since adding wilwoods front brakes the 14s wouldnt clear. Ill update more as I go, just did the carpet kit today letting it sit. Wheels are coys 15x6

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Looking real good man. That's going to be an awesome car when you get her going. Keep at it!
Some updates sorry been busy with work but got the dash finished painted and mounted in the car, next mount the windshield wiper motor and switch and Light switch.


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Also used some new chrome paint on the front turn signal housings as well as tail light housings, it turned out great like new. I think lol


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Also used some new chrome paint on the front turn signal housings as well as tail light housings, it turned out great like new. I think lol

Going to have to remember that LOL The insides of mine are starting to "show"
Going to have to remember that LOL The insides of mine are starting to "show"

I was skeptical at first about using it since mine had a few rusty spots but just cleaned it up with scotch pads the red ones and made sure it was smooth and sprayed the paint, going to get new sockets for the front since the bulbs we're a pain to get out so gonna get the ones from Ron Francis the billet ones, never worry about corrosion again .
When are you gonna get it painted and what color? I like that build, hope you get it running. Did you get the turbo stuff also?
Yep got everything turbos, fuel injection it all just no motor or trans. It's gonna be a dark purple on the bottom and black from the fender ridge up. With the chrome around the windows, and bumpers and gt fender emblems, already blacked out the grill and tail light housings. Saw the paint set up on a challenger kinda like this just without the flames. And the hood all gloss black roof and trunk. It will be the last thing the paint, been getting the interior all painted and replaced. The shop will just have to mask off the door panels and inside to make everything match. Just don't have the monet for the paint job at this time. Wish I did.


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Here's the reverse light housings all done, put it in the bumper gonna look good I think when the rear bumper is rechromed.


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Finally got to mounting the headlight and wiper switchs into place, been working on pulling the vent, door and qt glass apart to redo the seals on them even the glass sealing tape, once I get the tape in can button up the rear panels at least then onto mounting the power windows on the doors.


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well this sucks was working on my last quarter window to remove the frame from the galss to replace the glass seals and couldnt get all the seal out so i let it soak in carb spray to loosen and break up the rubber and put it back where i had it on the passenger floor and came out this morning and it was shattered.
thanks, yea but trying to find one is a pain, since from the looks of it they changed how it mounts in 68. Oh believe me I cannot wait to post pics when its done and what the motor produces.
Well got the window seal tape and put the left quarter window back together, set the spacing, now just put the panels on just to see, here how its gonna look


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Well just an update, found a quarter glass have that ordered and on it's way as soon as they pull a good one, also just dropped off the bumpers, forward vent window frame, inside door handles and vent glass frame off to powder coat in the extreme chrome color. Be done in a week or less. Will post pics when I get it all back
Do it the place i found wanted $200 for on glass couldnt find it anywhere else so had to buy it from them