69 GTS Trunk Finish Panel


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Jul 22, 2009
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To All. Trying to locate 14 mounting clips needed for the 69 GTS trunk finish panel. Layson's have a kit but they want $82 for it. Got a package from Year One and they were wrong. There was a spring attached. The stock ones are a clip attached to a small bolt. Any thoughts? Thanks
Correct clips have not been available for over two years now. I have bought up all that we could find for a customer's restoration. Pretty much left to finding good used ones. I do not know of a quality replacement that will work correctly.
Does anyone have pictures of what the correct ones look like?
Thanks 69. I have pictures on my phone but I'm not smart enough to figure out how to get them on the forum. I'll see if the son-in-law can help me tomorrow.

This is a picture taken from a 69 NOS panel I have
The ones made are incorrect. Just knock out the stud and put it back from the opposite side and do a small tack weld. Your set, that’s what I did for my panel.