69 Headlights and grill on a 67?


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Jul 22, 2009
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Anyone converted a 67 to 69 headlights and grill? 69’s are approximately 1 1/2” narrower than a 67. Thinking of removing the panel connected to radiator support. Any ideas?
69’s are approximately 1 1/2” narrower than a 67

The fenders are the same (just some hole spacing for the headlight bezel difference) the core support is the same. Trim holes etc would be different.

Maybe 69 was a one off thing. This is a 74? Up fender on my 67 only change was the holes next to the square holes, that is the only change that had to be made for the fender to fit correctly.

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There are different holes in the core support uprights ever year from 67-69. I first noticed this when I bought a 69 Dart in 1994 and the headlight bezel was offset on the drivers side. The PO had put a 67 fender on and tried using the 69 bezel, you can see a 3/4" gap from the grille to the bezel. If I can find the photo's I took back then it is easy to see the differences from 67, 68, and 69. If I can't find them I can take new ones since I have all three years currently in stock..
I have a 74 up fender on my 67, except for the bezel holes not lining up correctly everything else fits correctly
I think you may need to install the 69 headlight buckets for the bezel to fit but not 100% sure. I did it years ago so not sure if I put a 69 fender on a 68 to get the right fitment
You have dart and b'cuda owners responding. No corvairs or ford trucks though. Be glad this is a-bodies only.
I’m amazed at this response. I work at Dana Spicer, Fort Wayne and sent it on 3rd. shift last night. I have a picture of my 67 with the grill semi installed and will post it when I can figure out how to do it. There is quite a gap.
Not a gap you don’t have the headlight bezels installed. Headlight buckets appear to have been moved?
The bezel surrounds the headlight but it doesn’t fit the fender. Thanks to you all for the great response. It was a job but I did install 69 taillights in my 67 with backup lights etc. Wouldn’t recommend doing it after car was painted! Need to get to bed. Thanks again!!!!!