69 Valiant Brake Lines

Brakes for your Classic Mopar

  1. hemisedan

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    Mar 25, 2006
    Central Iowa
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    3:32 AM
    Just getting to my brake lines, after installing the stock 340 hi performance manifold and Pypes 2 1/2" exhaust system to the bumper. While doing this, we took a look at the brake lines that were on this Valiant. Should mention that it has manual disc brakes, assume they are 73 up and spindles. Also, the car has rear disc brakes, probably one of the kits sold on Classic Industries Mopar catalogs.

    So, any ideas on brake line kits, or is it a custom project. I've seen kits for the Duster/Demon with manual front disc brakes, but of course non had rear disc brakes. IDEAS: buy the Duster/Demon brake line kit for manual disc brakes, then adapt this to the rear disc brakes? Could use flexible line on the rear as well as the front. Open to ideas. Also I have an emergency brake problem. The problem is, is that it does not connect to anything.
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