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72 Scamp from the Gold Country

  1. I pulled this Scamp out of a field. Took some major elbow grease to clean it up and get all the leaves and stuff out of it. once it was cleaned up what I have found is a car with pretty much no rust. Only thing I have found so far is lite surface rust in the trunk.
    Had a white Vinyl top but after sitting outside in the hot california sun for who knows how long it was cracking apart.
    i have started to disassemble it now. Am not doing a full restoration. Just as I need to.

    Interior needs a new Dash Pad and rear sail panel and will probably do a new headliner.
    Engine compartment needs to be gutted cleaned and painted.

    Body is really straight just a few door dings and a small dent in a front fender. looks like someone leaned into it to hard.

    The plan is to get a set of ralleyes for sure.

    The questions will be many I am sure for one
    Stroke the 318 (has anyone done a 349? ) or just build it with performance parts.

    Didnt like the white Vinyl much maybe black? Or with the top being in this nice of shape just paint it Petty blue like the rest?
  2. nice find! I love a black vinyl top...
  3. I vote to go with a vinyl top because it breaks up the solid single body color on the car and gives it almost a two tone. And as far as what color top I would go with black because it goes with blue better and there is black on the car to match (grille & tires). Why not a white top? Because it would be the only white on the car. If you had white interior then definetly go with white top.
  4. I would go with the white top all the way, would look nice with rallies, cool color combo. Painted top would be too much blue IMO, black would look good too.
  5. Nice find. Good luck on the build.

    Im not a big fan of vinyl top. Some cars look ok with them but most don't. I don't think blue goes well with a vinyl top. I would just paint it body color But thats just me.

    Take that trim off and check under it for rust.
  6. Nice find!I,d put a white top back on it to give it the cleaner look.It also came with a white top didn,t it?I,m partial to Petty Blue and white.:toothy10:
  7. If it came factory with a white vinyl top thats what I'd stick with... Black is over used and boring IMO...
  8. Nice find! I would paint the top black. My dad has a 70 Duster 340 that is factory vitamin c orange with a black painted top and it looks so cool that way.
  9. something that clean i'd put it back to the way it was nice lookin scamp
  10. Nice find and good job cleaning it up!

    Has the coolest front seat put in an A body, fold down arm rest bench.

    Put whatever top YOU like on it. I think they look very nice with a white top.

    If you are going to stroke the 318, put a 4" arm in it, make a 392ish and put some nice heads on it, like Brian at IMM's RHS X heads. Make a neat street thumper.
  11. Sweet car man! Black vinyl top!
  12. put a mod top on it. lol nice lookin little car. wish mine was that rust free. it will be.
  13. Damn, beat me to it. :-D

    I'd go with a white vinyl top.
  14. Cool car, I would go with a black top. I think my Scamp was my favorite project.
  15. I don't like vinyl tops, I think they are ugly and sooner or later they come loose and start rusting (just my 2 cents)
  16. Depends on how you take care of the vinyl, my '70 GTX still had a PERFECT vinyl top in 1985, I bet it still has the factory top everwhere its at now...
  17. I vote white vinyl top.
  18. definitely white vinyl top
  19. I vote for a vinyl top. A white top will be cooler if you live somewhere hot and don't have a/c but both colors will look good. A matching bumblebee stripe would look good with either color.
  20. That is a nice project I really like the color of the interior/exterior.
  21. Another vote for no vinyl top. There's too many vinyl-top cars out there; just leave it a plain hardtop. The car looks cleaner without a vinyl top to busy it up.
  22. [​IMG][​IMG]
  23. Just wanted to show a pic of how a painted top looks. A few came from the factory this way.

  24. Thanks for all the good ideas. i guess no wrong whatever way i decide.
    I will keep everyone posted on what i choose.
  25. Hey just a dumb question. Is this a early smog contraption? If so gonna pull it.
  26. Me thinks it is a pirated cruise unit off an Aspen.
  27. It's a vacum booster for your vent controls. You should have a main vacum line from the intake to the front of the booster then the 2 lines from the back of the booster going into a grommet which is on the firewall. I hope this explains it.

  28. there ya go. I was going to say black top off the bat, but thinking more about it I would go white. Also adding the white bumblebee stripe would be beautiful, imho.
  29. This is a dart but looks pretty sweet with the black top.
  30. I say white. Here's what it looks like on my Dart. :thumbup:
  31. love the white go wing too.
  32. I love this thing!:love7::-D
    Just need to get some more cash to really get started.

    I finally decided white top and white stripe.
    Not sure about the go wing yet
  33. A few more:love7::-D
  34. Cool car.
    Looks like it has 15" wheels.
    What size rims and tires does it have ?
  35. They are 14's.
    Hopefully some 15" wheel vintiques ralleys in the future though.