[FOR SALE] 73' Challenger jack and decal

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  1. 44070dart

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    have jack, base, spring,and wing nut for 70/74 $100 << SOLD>>

    also hood black out R/T version $90 just decal NOT car :)
    plus trip. Buffalo NY



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  2. toolmanmike

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    Please post photos. See #5

    Before you post a for sale ad...

    1. Have a descriptive Title. Don't just post "A Body Parts" in the title. Be more descriptive so the buyers know at least a little about what your selling. (Example Title: Duster Suspension Parts)
    2. Do NOT post email addresses or phone numbers in your ad or in any response to an ad. Use the PM feature. Only FABO Gold Members may place email and phone numbers in ads.
    3. Location (Preferably City & State and/or zip code) MUST be in the ad
    4. Be aware, ads that are inactive for 30 days are automatically closed.
    5. Post Photos of the part for sale. If you don't have photos yet, don't post until you do.

    Also Please mark the ad as SOLD in the thread when the item(s) are sold. (Please don't ask us to delete ads once they are sold. We don't do that)
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