[WANTED] 904 small block trans that works

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Nov 12, 2012
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Lets try this again! I'm in need of a small block 904 transmission that I can toss into my car. It doesn't need to be a fresh rebuild, but that definitely doesn't hurt. I would love to avoid shipping due to costs and all that moneys going to the man, but beggars can't be choosers. Please shoot me what you've got! I just need something that will hold me over until the big block goes in.

Thanks FABO.
Cool! Thanks for the responses. I am in need of the 67+ and currently have non lockup, but would it be an issue to change the trans over to lockup with a new converter (which I also need?). PM coming, 2many.
You can swap to a lockup style no problem. Watch what converter you use. Some engines are internally balanced and don't require a balance weight. Some are externally balanced and require weight(s). You can generally figure if your engine is a cast crank model it'll be externally balanced. Forged crank is internally balanced.
Pick + Pull... Even better, learn how to rebuild the one you have. Plenty of info. You can do it in your kitchen.
I have a couple... with tq's ... $150. I'm in the Reno NV area.
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