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A 518 value

  1. What do you feel if a fair price would be for a rebuilt a 518 with low miles assuming it was in good working order.
  2. less than $500 (depending on what parts were used in the rebuild and quality of converter)
  3. How fresh? Warranty? With converter?
  4. It's in a running vehicle 25,000 MI on it after the rebuild seems to be a solid transmission all the way around I just need a ballpark
  5. No expert but 500-700 sounds ok. I have a core and looking at a $800 rebuild.
  6. That sounds very reasonable you pay almost that much for a good sure grip
  7. I just bought one. Has 12 000 documented miles on rebuild with paperwork. Got it for $600 CAD.....That's like 10 bucks for you guys:(
  8. actually, if you paid 600 cad, the seller ends up owing you 10 US dollars
  9. Stupid expensive if it came out of a first gen CTD. Think I paid a couple few grand and that was 10 years ago.