A must see...anyone for a ride?

Gee I wish you would try lane splitting in Fl. where it is not legal. So I guess if someone was crossing the street because the trafic was stopped and he plowed there a$$ that would be ok? Look I'm not going to get into a pissing match with you on how stupid that activity is. It is illegal in any state and if you have no more concern for your own health than to ride a bike like that than yes I wish someone opened there door, by accident of course.

You can't understand what you read?
I started riding bikes with the Kawasaki KZ series....750, 1000, 1000P (I felt like John Baker on the 1000P!). Then moved on to the ZX series.......9R, 10, 10R, 11, and 14 (that 14 was the baddest a$$ bike I've ever been on!). I did all that stupid sh*t you see in that video. I lost a dear friend and co-worker this year who rode a 'busa. I've since sold my ZX14, but I still have my KZ1000P. Sadly, I don't think I will ever ride again.
A mate of mine was killed on an R1....was out of town a fair way, was getting dark, so he upped the anti, and got cleaned up by a roo.....on the hop too....took him clean off the bike at about 200kmh......he was a damn good rider too.
Never been on a rocket before. I ride a Wing and it wont fit between most of the places he went, at least without STUFFING it in there. I do like the twistys tho. I can appriciate the guys ability even though he may be dead as we speak. At that rate, someone will clean his clock eventually unless his brain engages before the inevitable takes place. I did notice on the vid that at one point i thought i heard a sligh scape as he passe one car. The guys is no novice. When he moves his glove to his helmet that one time, i noticed the wear on that glove leading me to believe the guy has ridden before. I see bullet proof newbees that ride without gloves. What's the first thing that comes in contact with the pavement when ya go down? Your hand. Great ride. Can ya spell "HYABUSA" ? Bad to the bone.
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Amazing to watch; I swear he had the sides of the bike greased so he could fit between the cars at times.
I have no admiration for this knucklehead, though. He clearly has a deathwish, as others have pointed out, and had a pedestrian been walking on a crosswalk he passed through at the wrong moment there could easily have been a fatalilty.
"Lane Splitting", "Filtering", call it whatever you want, IMHO it's BS. Just because you can fit between stopped cars doesn't mean you should do it. I see so many examples of sloppy and just plain ignorant driving these days that I itch to be back in uniform. I don't know if it's cumulative because parents who are bad drivers are passing their bad habits onto their children when the learn to drive, or that Drivers Ed is no longer required in high schools.
Just my 2 cents, and worth both pennies.
Hell he didn't even get close, never even nicked a mirror.:toothy10:

Yeah right. He was on his way to the emergency room or should have been. My butt puckered when the car changed lanes in front of him. I found a lot of it hard to believe he fit thru. Was watching shifts and listening to r,s but it looks legit. Theres no way thats a 25 mile ride though. 25 miles in 6 minutes is averaging over 240 mph.
pretty crazy....I had an '07 CBR 600RR...Man that thing was fast! Fastest 600 of the middle weight bikes... I did some crazy ****, but not that crazy...Lane splitting, yes, wheelies yes...but not in traffic...I crashed twice, fixed my bike, then it got stolen 5 days after I fixed it...I've only owned it for 6 months total...Maybe that was a good thing? Someone keeping me alive? I dunno, but I want another one...
Good link matthon. I went there and have been there for the last two hrs. Some funny stuf and then some serious stuff. I wish i could post some of the real stuff here but i haven't got that smart YET. Can someone tell me how to? I like the one on the "New Stuff" entitled "Never Give Up On life". If someone knows how please post it on a stand alone thread for me, or tell me how. Thanks
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