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    I want to give a huge "thumbs up" to a Collector Car Insurance Broker in Vancouver that may interest other FABO members here in British Columbia. Back in November, I had a little “tree problem” with my Duster that required a claim under my Collector Car policy. You never know what your insurance policy is really worth until you need it. Luckily, I found out that the Broker I had chosen was “a rock star” in my time of need who really bent over backwards to ensure my satisfaction.

    Brad Pelling, of Pelling & Associates Insurance Brokers in Vancouver stepped up immediately to quarterback all aspects of my claim, working with my sore ass, various folks from the Insurance Co. and the Body Shop to ensure that everybody was always aligned to get me the most positive outcome possible.

    In the few months it took to iron things out (not a negative), Brad was frequently touching base with me (and all of the players) and providing value at every step. He is truly one of those “do whatever it takes to make the customer happy” kind of guy. As a result, I will be looking for every opportunity to send my other Insurance business his way.

    I will add that the Insurer “Economical Mutual Insurance Co.” were also very easy to deal with and were very courteous and professional throughout the whole process. No concerns whatsoever.

    Next time you are shopping for Collector Car insurance, I suggest you give Brad Pelling at Pelling and Associates a call. He’s the real deal.
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