[FOR SALE] A904 Transmission needs a rebuild - So Cal free to whoever wants it

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Nov 12, 2012
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Davis, CA
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Hey guys, I moved up to the Sacramento area and left this in my family's garage. It's a 904 3 speed that I had bolted up to the 318 in my dart but the snout on the torque converter cracked, it puked oil, was slipping before that and dribbles a bit from the pan gasket. If any of you local guys are in need of a transmission for your small block, feel free to snag this one up to play with. I can't take any pictures of it until next weekend when I visit for Thanksgiving and I wish I could take it apart myself and rebuild it for a spare, but time just doesn't like me right now. Now, as a disclaimer, a pack of beer would be awesome if you feel generous, but is not a requirement for the exchange. ;)

Or you can always pm me on here. I'll be happy to take a couple pictures of it when I get back down there. It's located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.
Do you know what year it is? I need to build a trans for my Orange Bomb

I'd be interested and a pack of beer would be fine! :)
I can definitely get you the stamp number when I get back down there next week. If next Friday isn't too long for you to wait, that's when I can get you a definite mfr year.
grr, sorry for the late replies, guys. Didnt get a notification email until just now. Couldn't get a hold of the first guy over the weekend, but that seemed to be a technical difficulty. If the pick up falls through with him I will be sure to start going down the list :)
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