Taint easy livin free,season ticket ona 1wayride
Aug 1, 2012
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sun prairie wi.
HEY to all my fabo family , some I know some I don't , some I haven't had the pleasures of meeting yet . We need to give ourselves and our fabo administators a BIG HAND . and I want to personally thank all of you for being a FABO FAMILY MEMBER .
I joined about4 or 5 years ago a mopar addict 1st gen BARRACUDA"S being my favorite
drug along with adrenalin speed rush and tourque .
This family brought me in with arms wide open , and answerd all my stupid questions .
I got picked on about my chicken pecking typing skills , wich are improving . THANK YOU lol
any ways I have had my 65 barracuda since 1978 and never see any ,after ibroke my back 13 years ago I was out of work in a lot of pain and found myself lost . I picked up a computer and got poking around mostley e bay looking for parts or selling my parts cars .
1 day I found this FOR A BODIES ONLY site . So as I was welcomed in around 28000
members . I started reading and figured out ,Hey these people are a lot like me into Mopars
some guys very sharp , me not so at mechanical building , I built houses that stood still, but loved to drive WFO and RACE and chat mopars and life . I got in tune a little more and started to meet people , make connections , sales,, trades and found this world of earley A body 1st gen Barracuda owners , and Mopar builders . 2 years later I met a gr8 guy in here
who was very interesting to fallow and noticed These guys really know there chit about mopars . 70aar gave me this motor combo . it screams , I got following a lot closer and meeting more and more way advanced mopar and mechanical people as time went on .
I have met too many people to mention THANKS FELLA"S and Babes ,for taking me in to your world and Family .
So I ran with this motor build , new trans from TSI and 3:91 suregrip as parts sales got me back in mind being out of work and seeing all the spine specialist , and found life again .
taking things apart breaking things putting together asking more, and more questions ,you people just kept helping me and helping me I felt at home again in life Thank YOU ALL
well 3 weeks ago now I blew my new motor up . So I posted some pics as I tore it down
and people all started helping me ascess the problems and what I could have done to do this mess .
my phone was ringing , my pms were filling , my script was growing and RR told me to look at all the gaskets and parts it will tell you a story .UNDER smoking out the left bank by me in search . if you care to see or up in smoke .
So being without my Barracuda , The boyz all going out racing and hanging out . like when we were kids . I stayed home and tore my motor down and pulled it out ,and took it down to my builder who is very good . Mike at performance research here in Sun Prairie wisc. Home of a lot of NASCAR drivers and champs . So like RR said we read the gaskets and pistons
and the story started getting told , a lot of people were spot on buy the pictures I posted
,when I put my 800 holley on I timed it by ear and response ,instead of doing correctly with the timing light and vacuum guage , I took it out for a few test hits before it went to the dyno to tune ,and check plugs ,I put to much timing in and pre detonated the cylinders , causing it to shift the gaskets pushing # 3 into open oil , breaking 2 pistons and yes it did RR and jimmy took out my cam . We have not evaluated the valve stems yet ,but hoping the piston breakage did not damage the valves or heads .
So last night I wrote out to the fabo family here to ask for any help I could get with parts trades or donations or favors or sales of 64-66 Barracuda parts , and Low and Behold to any body thinking of JIONING FABO , JDMopar offerd to send me 6 kb 107 pistons , allen braunstine , not sure of his FABO NAME is trading me 64-65 barracuda grills wich are for sale when they get here , I gave him 2 headlight trim rings almost impossible to find Mike my motor builder is donating his time for trade ,nd a few $5.00 donations fro Hemi and Troy
to my pay pal were in my PM box tonight and I am just besides my self THAT THIS FABO FAMILY REALLY CARES about 1 and others problems big or small car house or health
I cannot thank you people enough for being and caring like you do . if any 1 need mopar small blockparts , 64-66 barracuda parts , help finding something , any way I can help you
BAD MEDICINE will be back soon with any help we can trade or work out , for a 545 cam
a gasket set I will send close if you got flodded this weekend in the nasty storms , Just write ,pm , call me #in profile . and please do me 1 more FAVOR go to u tube music
and punch up GIVE TO LIVE by Sammy wfo Hagar , wich I know think is my FABO family song turn it up and HIT PLAY and give yourselves and FABO administators a big hand for banding us together FOR EVER ///MOPAR RULES AND YOU ALL ROCK!!! THANK YOU
I luv you all , from WINSTONINWISC, BON SCOTT, BAD MEDICINE , and SAMMY HAGAR the best poet ever WFO and STAY SAFE


Does anyone read this?
Aug 4, 2006
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Kudos for posting a positive post (at least the first few lines indicate it's a positive thread) but I couldn't read much beyond the first few sentences or lines as I start to go cross eyed.