[SOLD] All my leftover MOPAR parts from here in NJ

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Jul 28, 2008
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I hope this is OK with the mods, as I'm an old timer and have been here probably 10+ years....

I'm an auto shop teacher in central NJ, and I'm hanging it up.....retiring and no one is taking over. I will be getting rid of a lot of misc. parts, free to whoever wants to come get them. So...what are the parts, and I do have some picts I will post from my phone:

99% are A-body parts:

30 lbs worth of OEM body fasteners
7 Driveshafts,
duster interior parts misc.
duster deck lid
swing back window
4 C body axles,
Misc seats from Non mopar, small buckets , all excellent condition (were for special swap in)
3 or 4 clean ready to use radiators,
Dash electrical pieces
some early b body steering columns
some new front end MOOG parts in boxes.
Partial gasket engine rebuild sets....
Lots of take off hardware. most is bagged and identified.

Hell....whatever mopar parts I find are yours. - - I'll scour the shop.

Probably 1-2 pick up trucks worth

RULES: I point out the stuff - you load it in your truck. You can't refuse a part! It all goes. None of it is junk, or I would have tossed it. If you don't want it, give it a way or scrap it. Pick up time will most likely be afternoon and early evening during the week. Its ONLY PARTS......no equip or tools. Its only my personal property I'm giving away.

I don't care if you resell it.....its your stuff once it goes!

PM me with your number and I'll contact you. I want to make it go away starting 1st week of June......


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Jun 21, 2005
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In box is full, I was simply giving a congrats to retirement.

“Glad to hear your retiring and sad to hear there is no replacement teacher coming in for automotive classes. Darn shame!

Enjoy retirement! I sure as heck am!



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May 22, 2004
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I hope this is OK with the mods, as I'm an old timer and have been here probably 10+ years....

you have been here 14 year ya old bastard... :)

you did a good job over the years with those kids. i know it was a constant fight for you with the powers to be at the school.
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