And y'all think you have problems finding parts?


Apr 23, 2010
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Try finding a servicable set of front turn signal housings for a 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass. I found a complete pair on Craigs about 2 hours from me. Told the guy I would buy them, but couldn't get to him until the weekend due to my work schedule. He sold them anyway. I just felt like banging my head againt a concrete block as hard as I could!
I feel your pain man. My daily driver for 12 years was a 75 Olds 442 and I never could find a pair of headlight bezels or the quarter window trim.

NOT to rail road this topic ...

I've always really liked the so-called "Colonnade" body styles of '73 - '77 !

55 Redneck : that's one sweet lookin' '75 442 !!

Up in Redlands ( Ca. ) sits a 1973 Chevelle SS 454 , with , get this ...

... factory-installed 4 speed !!!!!!
Swivel bucket seats , Rally gauges , etc. , etc.

It's got a sun-bleached "For Sale" sign in its back window , so I bite ; I'll go check into it ... maybe they don't know what they've got ?
I see a "W" engine code ( "W" = LS5 454 ; 1972 was the first year the G.M. added an engine code to their dash v.i.n.'s ) , so I get all numb and excited .

A courteous knock on the door produces some freaky lookin' gal whom appeared as though she hadn't seen the light-of-day in about 15 years ; she's very short with me :

lady" Yes ... can I help you with something ? "

me' Is that your Chevelle that's for sale ? '

lady" Do you know what it is ?" , as she gets this smug look on her crinkled face

me' It looks like a '73 and later Chevelle that needs a lot of work ' , was my reply

lady" Well , you wouldn't have stopped by if you didn't know what that car is . It's too fast ( LMFAO ! 16 second 1/4 mile times aren't fast ! ) I'm asking $16,000 for it... "

me' Tell ya what , ma'am , see the front license plate ? '


me' Everything behind it needs restored !! Knock one of those zeros off your asking price , and you've got a deal ! '

Needless to say , the car's still rotting in that same driveway , 6 years later .

So , a 1-of-200 made ( or so I've heard ) 1973 SS 454 Chevelle 4 speed is just returning to wince it came .
Thanks for the compliment LH. I really did love that car and just a thought to send this thread further of topic (sorry) , if a 73 LS-5/4 speed Chevelle only runs a 16 second 1/4 mile it ain't runnin' right. My Olds just had a 350/T-350 combo in it and it would run 15.8's all day long. I would think a BBC with a 4 gear should run a lot better than that. I surprised a few people with that heavy Olds. ;)

P.S. It's a shame to see something worth saving just rot into the ground. I tried to buy a 66 SS Chevelle off a woman on my block years ago and I thought she was going coronary when I asked her if it was for sale, the conversation was short with her slamming the door in my face. When parked it was sweet. I watched the rear quarters litteraly rot off the car over the next 6 years we lived around the corner. It was parked on her front lawn.
A few years ago I bought 4 vehicles off of a guy who was needing some money. One of them was an Olds Cutlass, a '76 model best I remember. The neat thing about it was it had a factory 5 speed! I had a starter put on it and it ran great. The mechanic said the starter was a PITA to install, though.
where in Redlands is that car
Let me research just where the off ramp from I-10 is again , and which streets to take in order to get there .
Like I said , this was 6 years ago ; my memory's not as sharp these days :toothy10:.

Well , at least Redlands is closer to you than to me 8)
Was that 73 a Laguna? We had one as a shop project in auto shop. It was a later model....75 I think, but it was a Laguna S3 454 and a saginaw 4 speed straight from GM.
Try finding parts for a Checker Marathon, my brother just HAD to have one. Some guy in California runs the monopoly on all checker parts left in existence. The term UNOBTAINIUM does not scratch the surface.
55RedNEck.....That Olds 442 looks very nice! Wish I had it! You guys are about to be made sick.......My second car (in 1987 (and I was 17) was a low miles factory '75 Chevelle Laguna S3 454/ 4spd, and triple black. I did some mods to it....Carb, intake, cam, headers. I had thee baddest ride in high school. I thrashed that car for 2 years. And if I didn't have family members on the local PD I would have been in alot more trouble! Eventually, I sold it to the local GM Dealer that (thanks to me saving all the original parts) returned it to its stock form. It sat on his showroom floor for several years. Right now he has it stored with several of his Vette's. When I see him I always ask if I can have it back. He just laughs at me.
try finding 79 amx parts.. like parts that make up the amx package.. been after a front air dam for 3 years
64 Fairlane parts aint exactly easy to come by neither....
pretty much... but makes a fun challenge, and no repo parts for about any amc
It's a shame that more repro parts aren't made for the "Tri-Five" Fords ; lesser-seen Buick , Olds and Pontiacs of '55-'57 ( much nicer looking that the typical '55-'57 Chevy ... but I like those as well ) ; and , of course , AMC ( especially the Nash years ; got a 287 / 327 Nash motor with a Borg/Warner Flash-O-Matic ? ) .

Well , at least the last time I checked , A&A Trans had new 727 Torque-Command cases , and Indy makes parts for the 390 / 401 ( tall deck ) motors .
engines for amcs arent to bad to find.... many the special parts that make up certain models, amx, rebel machine, sc 360, etc

if i dont come across a 390-401 soon my amx is getting a big block mopar.