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Another car show tomorrow, in D’ville, Go Chase Elliott!

  1. Only the second local show this year, gotta get out and drive for a bit then sit.
  2. The Tow Dart is in the backyard to make room for a quick exit from the Garage.

  3. Which mask would you take and wear if required?

  4. Granted, maybe three or four Mopars in a 250 field of Chevy and fords!
  5. " if required " :lol:
  6. The one on the bottom, the few, the proud...
  7. Well that kinda sucked! Pre-Registered and nothing on the web site to say they cancelled!

    Did get a nice cool morning cruise though. Went to Kroger and filled the tank with Rec90.

    Met one older than me Gentleman with a 55 shoebox. We trashed the place with rubber! Went for a nice cruise afterwards! All not lost!

    Can only assume the PayPal payment will be refunded.
  8. I am not to big on smoking tires after a show, but with no show what the heck! Normally I am tame!
  9. Yah, that sucks, but glad to hear you had a little fun while out.

    I would write/call them right away, and if you do not get a refund quickly, put in a claim with PayPal.
  10. It is cool these are good folk.

    Not often I will light up the 275/60/15 drag radials though! Today and Covid hatred needed a response!

    Guess Garlits or the NFMA Show is the last choice for this year!