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Another new guy

  1. Hello everyone
    It’s been a long time since I’ve owned a mopar. About 35 years!
    My first car was a 72 demon 340 4 speed I bought when I was 15.
    My love for the A bodies and Motorsports in general was greatly influenced by my fathers first new car. A 71 Duster 340 4 speed car that he bought 2 months before I was born.
    I grew up in that car. It was my mother’s daily driver until 1980 when they parked it in a garage with 75000 miles on it until 2010. That’s when my father decided to restore it and just recently decided he has had enough and wanted to sell it.
    I had to buy it!!
    I want to thank everyone here for the wealth of information available. Hopefully I will be able to contribute some useful information as well.



  2. Welcome to FABO!! Sweet ride!!

    Drive the wheels off of it!!
  3. Welcome, great story and a beautiful car, you are lucky to be able to hang on to a piece of family history.
  4. :welcome: aboard!
  5. Welcome to FABO
    That is one fantastic start or a very nice project and a great looking ride. Looks like your Dad really looked after it!
  6. Thank you all. Her are some more pics!
    Yes that’s me on the horse and my demon!
    I even have the original license plate from that photo!







  7. Welcome aboard, and that's a really sweet looking car!
  8. Wow! Cool history, great looking car. Looks pretty darn good as is! Welcome aboard.
  9. :welcome:
  10. Welcome, sweet ride!
  11. Love the background on this great A body mopar, thank you for sharing it with us sir :thumbsup:
    Welcome from Northeast Arkansas