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Another New Old guy here

  1. I have been a Mopar guy all my life.My father helped sell Dodge ana Plymouths for a small dealership in Silver Creek NY and one of my brothers was an engineer for the Chrysler Corp.Sadly what brings me here is that I have decided to part with my 1972 Blue Sky Duster and my wife's 1933 fiberglass bodied Dodge convertible coupe ....340 powered.More details to come later.

  2. Welcome to the site!!! Beautiful cars !!! Sorry that you may have to move on from them by the sounds of it....
  3. Thanks for the welcome,time to let them go!!
  4. When you are ready to advertise them, this site has a nice "Mopar Cars For Sale" section that gets a lot of attention and the best part is it's free !!
  5. Thanks!!?
  6. Leather jacket switch blade ,heyyy
  7. :welcome: aboard!
  8. I really like the Duster. Welcome aboard.
  9. Welcome
  10. Welcome from :canada:.
    Sorry to hear that you're planning on selling your rides.
  11. Welcome aboard glad to have you! I have saw both of them for sale on here im sorry you have to move on from them best of luck ! They are both really beautiful wish I had the money id buy them both lol.
  12. Welcome aboard Fonzie of should we call you " The Fonz ".
    Nice rides !
  13. Not always
  14. Thanks !!
  15. Thanks!!
  16. Thanks
  17. Thanks!!
  18. ????
  19. Thanks!!!
  20. Thanks!!