Anyone know what's going on with the TN Valley Mopar Club?

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    Kind of curious. TVMC is our local (Huntsville AL) Mopar club. They put on a Show-n-Go each year at Huntsville Dragway that myself and others really enjoy which is held on the Saturday before Father's Day.

    Things appeared to start going off the rails in 2020 when the Big C hit. That event was cancelled rather late in the game. Last year there was an event, but apparently Huntsville Dragway double-booked the date and the club was forced to reschedule, again very late in the game. If the dragway did indeed cause that to happen with the resulting lack of attendance that I know occurred, then they should never give those jerks another dime. At least once the TVMC show was moved to Point Mallard which I thought was an improvement.

    The club web site and facebook page appear to have been abandoned around September of last year. The FB page is now either deleted or set to private. With a bunch of digging I found an electronic flyer listing the event as being in July of this year at Monte Sano State park. I'm sure that isn't legit any longer.

    So what's up? Did the club dissolve? I'm far more interested in a Show being held rather than hearing about reasons it won't be, but as someone who has patronized the shows and supported the club when possible, I'm not happy about the lack of communication. You would think at least one person would explain to the public what's going on instead of just doing the "just don't say anything at all" act.

    If this thing went the way of the dinosaur then that's a shame. We are already too thin on Mopar activities in this area as it is. I guess the only other one is the Lebanon show as long as that lasts. Any info appreciated.
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