Anyone local to me capable of correcting errors on a 904 race build

Big Dad

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May 27, 2011
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S.E. South Dakota
I purchased transmission and convertor from a person in the business, and its got 4 neutrals and leaking like a sieve. Less than excited to return it for more problems

I am near Sioux Falls,SD 57107 ..
I'd like to say we never made a mistake, cuz we did, we're human, and when we did, I wanted to know about it, and I wanted the opportunity to make it right.
It's not really important that we goofed, what is important is what we did about it, right away, no excuses!
I spent a few sessions overnight making it right !
Give the "guy in the business" the opportunity .
That's my opinion .
well , sadly talking to him is more than difficult. he just told me I needed to calm down and hung up .. lol , I assure you I was just trying to ask a few questions.

I just called a guy in Minneapolis, he confirmed some of my concerns in a quick phone call and funny thing is he has another 904 from same builder with problems he is working on the guy didn't want to send it back to the builder either for same reasons as me
No neutral drops for you then.
Sorry, humour helps in these situations.
Sound like hes having problems but should acknowledge his customer/associates for his name sake.
If you give up on him FABO should be able to walk you through the problem as you probably already know.
Good luck either way.
The factory service manuals like are extremely helpful.
Is the 904 stock?
I will name names , I assure you .. I bet everyone can guess who it is .. trans and convertor cost north of 4500$
Well , Im pretty hesitant to allow his poor work cause more problems, just wonder what else he has done incorrectly and what parts I paid for and did not get ?

to start with, apparently the front pump was about to fall out, bolts all loose, he used a lock up style input shaft , which I questioned when it arrived and he with strong tone told me he knew more than me ..well, its not going to work
shaft which I did get

That's definitely a lock up input. What valve body is supposed to be on there?
Sounds like he’s a powerglide/c6 type of guy unless he has an apprentice not being monitored.
Either way, make your customer happy.
Two options for what you have now. Use whatever flavor valve body that has lock up capabilities. Or, have a different custom " test" convertor with preferred stall.
Well, lets assume what I got charged for inside the transmission is there and we can swap it to correct imput shaft and buy another new convertor or possibly PTC might feel sorry for me and s redo mine to be correct he ordered not me .. is that a plan or no ?
The lock up direct drum has five frictions from factory. If using thin plates, you can go six. The snag is you HAVE to use the pump from the lock up because it's "matched" to the deeper drum. In turn, you HAVE to use the input shaft from the lock up as well. If using later non lock up direct drum, you can squeeze five frictions in, and use the regular input. Now the real snag is there are NO thin discs available. ANYWHERE.