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Average age of fabolanders

  1. I don't think there's much for "young guns" anymore but It seems I'm starting to see more members in their 20s.

    I joined fabo when I was 24 or 25 and a decade later in still here so how many are in the 30s crowd these days??
  2. Sometimes you'd think it was 3.
  3. Well, my body is 58. But mentally I've leveled off at about 12 yo. At least, that's what my wife of 32 years will tell you.
  4. 54 when I joined. Had a 440 Dart project and needed info from here and Big Block Dart, waaaay back when. Have had several Darts since and have asked for help more than I gave ................... Yesterday and today...........thanks:thankyou:


    charger 68 mine.jpg
  5. 3F478BCF-B2AC-4039-A09D-104B743AC9EA.jpeg 8C18161F-D2E3-4359-821F-FB233FD1317A.jpeg
    Me today on the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ. Age 64.8
  6. If I don't act my age then is it alright to lie about my age?
  7. So am I voting on what I think the average age is? or am I disclosing my age?
  8. The second one....
  9. Yes, those are a couple of my kites. I love flying them on the beach.
  10. Men ar only as young as the women they feal
  11. Im 36 I was 26 when I joined. Got my A body at 15. Hard to believe I've owned my car for 21 years time sure does fly!



  12. I wanna say I joined when I was 13, now I'm 23. Where does time go?!
  13. So glad to see you posting young man.
    @Princess Valiant i am a young 41. I’m gonna guess I’m average.
  14. 39 here. I joined this site when I was 23. I've learned a lot from folks here over the years.
  15. Just turned 40. Got the covid not feeling to bad
  16. I joined several years back when I was trying to stuff a Gen 3 Hemi in a 72 Demon. I started a thread on the build and holy smokes I had no idea. I had a zillion folks pinging me and providing just mountains and mountains of info. Subsequently I have met so many of them I could not begin to name them all. They have been in my shop and I in theirs. Just a great platform for like minded creatures. While I am quite physically active and compete regularly in a multitude of disciplines including competitive shooting and ice hockey there is simply no denying I am old. Just North of sixty.
  17. 60 is the new 40! lol
  18. 57 today 3D1F351A-5A33-4294-A41B-EE0837EA70EC.jpeg
  19. Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you. Hope you had a good one.
  20. I'm just old. lol
  21. Happy B Day.
    I will be 69 next week.
    Helped a guy load his car with groceries, he told me he was 97, and it was nice to see some young people still have manners
  22. Not the proper thread but Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! Any birthday is a good birthday!
  23. I'm 46, feel older.
  24. At least the year you were born, they were making cool cars.

    Happy birthday



  25. Ill take one of each plz!
  26. I was old when I joined back in 2005, I'm just way older now!
  27. Experienced!
  28. Holy shit!!! Two people in their 90's??? Identify yourselves, please!!! First metamucil's on me!
  29. If so damn old. I can tell you the real reason the Dinosaurs died!
  30. He'll I'm so old I drew up the plans for the garden of Eden.
    Your welcome god.
  31. I have been a member for about 10 years now. I'm 61 my wife is much younger I don't dare say her age!:D

  32. 112611_Side_Profile_Web.jpg

    Do the math :lol:
  33. I’m so damn old, I don’t even buy green bananas anymore. I may not be around to enjoy them!
  34. When I was a kid, Moby Dick was a minnow!
  35. 22 votes is the majority so far, 60s

  36. Born in the 50es, and I must say the 70es was good to me :lol:
    My early A body when I joined many many years ago. :thankyou:

    63g resized.jpg

    63 rear view resize.jpg
  37. How come you put the cannabis so far from the apple tree? Had to walk forever when I got the munchies. :rofl:
  38. Well I said I drew up the plans. Not my fault the big guy didn't follow them.:thumbsup:
  39. Typical constructor, never listen to the engineers :lol:
  40. Funny how these threads go off the tracks.:rolleyes:
  41. Niiiiiiiiiicccccceeeee

    That's my favorite year of early A valiants. I might be a little biased though

  42. 9-20-21 B.jpg

    55 here. Still have my hair!

    Greg 05.JPG
  43. Hell when I was a kid, rainbows were black and white.
  44. I see mostly gray hair at Mopar events
  45. It's actually the same guy who keeps voting for 70s, not only does he forget he allready voted, he also forgot his age
  46. Hey I resemble that!
  47. well I know I am one of few of the under 18 crowd here on FABO. I think it's hard to find plymouth, chrysler, dodge, etc for teenage level money. mine was 1,700$ and that was pushing my budget.
  48. You mean your privates? You don't trim that for the Wife?

    1 HHuh.jpg
  49. Or at least for the optical illusion of an extra inch

  50. Sounds like a personal problem
  51. A 70 duster is a car to have. That's not that much for the privilege of such a fine automobile. Years from now that much money won't mean anything but years of duster fun will
  52. I added a photo for clarification, feel free to scroll back to post #55
  53. Another vote for the 20s over here. Always appreciate the wisdom and help the old folks provide.
  54. Okay so this March I'll celebrate the 22nd anniversary of my 40th birthday.:lol:
  55. I'm in my 40s, I've been a Mopar fan since I was old enough to know what cool is, that happened in grade school, looking at the ass end of a jacked up 70-71 cuda, I remember the fat tires, the window louver, the spoiler & the badge 'CUDA by Plymouth.
    Ever since then I have gotten older & Mopar prices have gotten out of reach. I've had 2 chargers, a 64 belvedere, 3 darts, a duster. I only wish I could go back in time with a million dollars of today's money & buy my dream mopars, a drag strip & never let al gore have a platform
  56. Faboneers
  57. My thirties were some distance back. My mind says I'm 35, but my body diagrees. I'm 76.
  58. I'm 106....
  59. I think the last year of Gross HP was a good year... LOL
  60. I get called wise all the time, but they always this little three letter word that start with "a". I'm also smart and dumb...
  61. 46, joined FABO at 34. Until this thread I never really thought about it hard but time has definitely flown by. When I joined my 66 Barracuda was my daily driver. I got the car when my daughter was 2 and drove her to school in it every day until she was about 8. This site and its knowledgeable curmudgeons helped me keep it on the road as much as possible. Now its a weekend cruiser and occasional errand runner. Thanks FABO!
  62. I'll be 75 in about a week, joined in 2014. Still learning and building stuff. Love driving, drag racing, mountain biking and Telecasters. Living out my teenage fantasies!!
  63. I’m 57, but you wouldn’t know it by the way I act!





  64. Born this year.....


    ....Not my car
  65. Old, fat and gray haired...

    I can see 60 from where I'm standing...
  66. Nope, she’s usually smiling all the time. And you know, because I’m her dad and all, I take my job of constantly bugging her vewwy seriously!
  67. Best job there is too
  68. A young feller told me once that I sure was old. I told him, better old than dead, unless I get where I an go and do.
    I told my wife just other day, I am starting to really feel old at 63. She said "You darn old foo
    l, you are 73!"
    Go figure.
    Neighbor had a bunch of cattle out yesterday on the road, and he had gone to town, so wife and I and some idiot woman that stopped to "help" were out there getting them back in...I trip and gash my knew wide open on the darn newly topped road. Crazy glue is better than stitches. Yep old and woreout. Still better than dead...I guess.
  69. Old and "feeble" at 72 going on 90 Joined 7 years ago . No A-Body now but this site is addictive.
  70. 63 going on 18, joined in 2010 had a catastrophic computer fail and rejoined in 2020.

  71. Probably should have included a "10's" category... <-- this posting is proof of that :rofl:
  72. how is that different from "teenager"?
  73. Well, I never said there was a difference, But the change in pattern "numbers" to a "word" threw and wrench in the old motor..

  74. Still in my twenties. Joined when I was 16, I’m 27 now.
  75. 50's and 60's leading

  76. 43
  77. I'm still waiting on the 90-somethings to wake up from their naps and introduce themselves. I think that's awesome!
  78. 82% 50’s-60’s
  79. 100 and something, maybe 200 something votes out of what...about 30-60k members? Or how many are there?
    In other words ...we qre only seeing about .5% of voter turnout. Lol
  80. But I’ll bet it represents the total active membership.
  81. Old timers always tell me, boy i wish i was your age blah blah blah. i say fuck man i wish i was your age the world today sucks ass and so do all the young bastards in it lol
  82. As usual, I'm a little late to the party.
    I'm 413 in dog years.
  83. When people say they wish they could be 18 or early 20s again, I laugh and say for what...

    When I was that age I was broke and had no idea what I was going to do with my life.

    Now I have years of seniority in a job and I have more hobby money than I did before. Hopefully it only gets better in my 40s and beyond
  84. Can't argue with that.:thumbsup:
    Good music , good cars, what the he'll happened.
  85. Only if you stay single.:poke::rolleyes:
  86. Out of the mouth of babs
  87. When I was 48 my neurologist looked at my recent brain scan after a bad head injury. I think your doing pretty well for a 48 year old with a with a 78 year old brain.
    So I guess that makes me around 99 now.
  88. The only reason that I wish that I was 20 again would be for the health.
    Aches and pains are my reality now.
    Even better yet, is if I could turn back time to 1982 when I was 20 and know what I know today.
    That would be awesome......
  89. Turning 65 this Saturday. Feeling good. Don’t take any pharmaceuticals. Pretty darn healthy and married to my best friend. I am blessed.