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  1. George Jets

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    Jan 18, 2019
    Farmington MN
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    7:50 PM
    Out and about this last Winter, came up with some useful mopar goodies.

    Fortunate to be able to find some decent parts that are not all used up.

    Get a few things cleaned up, and get ready to put back into use when the need arises.




    Good to get some fair buys on things from fellow mopar folks that are moving on to other things.

    On the road trip home the alternator on the 2000 Ford E150 hauling vehicle quits charging all together, engine dies going 70 mph, gauges all go to zero, pulled over on the shoulder of 35w North about 200 miles away from home, dead in the water . . no start . . tic, tic, tic.

    Fortunately had another good fully charged car battery with me, just in case. Swapped out the batteries along side the busy freeway. Fires up again and was able to drive home all the way just off the battery, no charging system at all. Shut off all the accessories so as to not drain off the power so I could make it back.

    Luckily it was daytime, and had just driven out of some rain on I-80 in Iowa earlier so did not need the wipers going either.

    All things considered was able to make it back safe and sound without a major incident. Could have been nasty to have to get a tow and deal with repairs at an out of state shop, not to mention the expense. New alternator on the traveling vehicle now, running like a millions bucks again, once I got back to my shop to make the repairs.

    As much fun finding the good parts, as it is working on the cars and getting them going again. Another adventure with a good final outcome.
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    • Dartnut

      Dartnut Don't hate me because i'm beautiful

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      Apr 19, 2007
      Southern Alberta
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      6:50 PM
      Sounds like quite an adventure!
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      • RAT ROD AL

        RAT ROD AL FABO Gold Member FABO Gold Member

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        Jan 18, 2013
        St. James City. FL.
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        8:50 PM
        Got to round up the old parts and get them back in service. Once they're gone they're gone for good.
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