Big block Dart hood clearance question


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Nov 18, 2009
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Detroit area
I have a question for the big block 67/69 Dart owners here. I'm building a 400 stroker for my 69 Dart. A while back I bought a new Performer RPM intake manifold for it. It's getting close to the time to install it on the motor before I put the motor in the car and it just came to mind to ask here if there might be a hood clearance problem once the carb and air cleaner are on it. The hood is a 68/69 style bulge hood. Does anyone here know if the manifold height will cause an issue with hood clearance?
I ran a stock 440+6 in my 69 Barracuda with the engine raised 1/4 inch from stock with no issues. For short periods of time, I had a four barrel with a Performer intake with no issues either.

Why was the engine raised from stock?

My Duster, with a 400 on elephant ears, has the engine up high enough that I can stick fingers between the oil pump and the engine mount, which also explains why it was probably raised up - to avoid more work trimming the mount so the engine will sit level like it should. They got a little carried away IMO
I ran a dual four Offenhauser intake for a decade, and had a DP4B 383 Edelbrock on it for years also, never any hood clearance...
383 eddy DP4B(similar dimensions to the performer)and a drop base air cleaner. I don’t think I needed the drop base, but now I can run a taller filter.

Performer RPM is quite a bit taller than a performer, but on a B-block it will be less problem than on an RB.
Might have to run a drop base aircleaner.
Yes, I already planned on a drop base air cleaner. I have been planning on using the RPM manifold initially but my end goal is to put an STR-15 crossram on it. Hopefully, that will clear the hood as well but I don't have any smaller drop base air cleaners for it. Not even sure if they make a smaller (9") drop base.
I run a Performer RPM on my low deck in a 69 B'cuda with a drop base air cleaner assembly...fits just fine

Anyone use the mopar performance air cleaner with drop base on a 440 with the edelbrock performer intake?