[FOR SALE] BIG lot of Mopar parts and stuff! Bay Area, CA pickup

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Aug 7, 2009
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I have a couple boxes of parts laying around, and it's worth my time to just unload everything instead of trying to Ebay and ship it all. Here's what you'll get:
1bbl Carburetor rebuild kit(s)
Stromberg two barrel carburetor (model WW)
slant six air cleaner top (from early A)
66 valiant passenger side headlight assembly
2 chrome trim rings
2 SBP 13 inch wheels (one with janky tire still on)
ignition parts (wires, points, condenser, etc)
GRANT GT steering wheel with center button (was on my '66 Valiant when I bought it)
4 orig. 66 valiant hubcaps
J body headlight surrounds with good chrome
1959 Plymouth taillight and dashboard parts
1958 Chevy interior A-pillar trim (RARE $$$$)
66 valiant bucket seatbacks in chrome
More stuff as I clean out the shed

Come pick it all up in Alameda, CA.

I have $hundreds$ worth of parts here, the GT steering wheel is worth more than my price for all;

Bring $50 or a good bottle of scotch.

I want it gone today or tomorrow at the latest! Days off are precious. Cheers!

Also including:

2 Holley 1920 carbs; both runners, needing rebuilds but very clean.
1 '66 Valiant Signet right front fender, banged up but good for steel if you have rust
Aw man! I'm off at work in Boise right now, and will be passing right through there...but not until the middle of august :/. I'm very interested, but don't have space for the larger parts either like the seat backs and fender. If you don't offload it, any chance I could swing by middle of the month?
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