Bit off topic , can't keep one of my forklifts (Moffett) running

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May 27, 2011
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We carry along to job sites the fork truck lift you see hanging off the back of trailers, its great tool but, its a PITA too .. I have one that refuses to stay running, we have had it in the shop mutiple times both locally and on the road , its powered by a Kubota Diesel engine .. it acts like it runs out of fuel, you let it sit for a bit , something 10 minutes , some times couple hours , it will fire right up and run fine again

replaced fuel pump at least 3 times and always seems like is is fixed for a day or so, then .. right back to dead

any ideas ? My lift mechanic, my inhouse mechanic ,, no one can figure it out
I had a big truck do that. There was a small piece of plastic in the fuel tank.
Your mechanic isn't trying hard enough...

Fuel lines, fuel tank, fuel filter, tank vent all need to be checked but also any possible air leaks on the return side, it shouldn't be to difficult, no ignition... How new? Is it computer controlled?
We have replaced fuel filters , fuel pumps , blew out fuel lines multiple times , did find some small pieces of plastic in tank on cleaning it

believe it was new in 2018 , does have a computer.

I tried running with cap loose , if anything it seems to not like that although it really has no trackable pattern.
My TYM compact tractor acted much the same way. However, it kept blowing a 25 amp fuse that controlled the PTO and shutdown relay. I had to straight wire the fuse to get it back into the garage. I stripped the wiring harness thru to look and found no bad places. I ended up buying a fault tracer that works a lot like an underground utility locater and used it to trace the fault. It took me to the shutdown relay that cuts the fuel off to stop the engine when you cut the key off. The guy that works on Mahindra tractors at the local place said to just bang on the side of the relay with a wrench until it works! :rolleyes: I thought WTH? I did it and it's worked fine ever since. My tractor has a 25 HP Mitsubishi 3 cylinder diesel. I know your piggyback forklift probably has a bigger engine, but maybe they all operate the same. Good luck with it. Mine had me :BangHead: for a while!
Is it poss to use an outboard tank to get fuel to the pump (gravity), to eliminate the fuel supply as an issue .
It has many different OHSA inspired saftey cut offs and yeah, I thought about that too .. it doesn't just cut off quicky, it kinda stumbles then shuts down, leading me to believe its not that but, these ding ling drivers are always taking off and unhooking them so they don't to deal with safety belts or the arm guard or backup beeper and I RE-HOOK THEM
When mine did it, it would run as long as you held the key in start position. As soon as you let go of it and it went back to the run position, it would shut off.
Sounds like its sucking air, loosing prime.
I wonder if its injection pump related
Does it have the fuel filter in it that is in the sediment bowl attached to the fuel shut off? it so I have had several of those go bad on the diesel welders where internally in the shutoff it will block the flow. Bypass it with just a inline filter and see if it solves the issue