Borgeson 800127 (Large Sector) Quick Ratio Steering Box Technical Information

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    Borgeson Mopar 800127 technical information.

    Steering Ratio: 14:1 (3.5 Turns Lock-to-Lock).

    Input Shaft: 11/16"(17MM)-36 Spline.

    Pitman Shaft: 1-1/4" Mopar with 32 Splines and 4 Master Splines, 7/8"-14 Thread.

    Pressure Port: 16mm X 1.5 Flare (Located Closest to Engine).

    Return Port: 16mm X 1.5 Flare (Located Closest to Input shaft).

    Maximum Pressure: 1450 PSI Maximum Operating Pressure, 1100-1250 Optimal.

    Flow Rate: 2.0-2.5 GPM Flow Rate Recommended.

    Degrees of Rotation: +/-45.5 Each Direction of Center.

    Maximum Front End Weight: 2,645 Pounds

    Maximum Output Torque: 633 Ft. Lbs.

    Operating Temperature Range: -40F to 248F (Big Block Applications Will Require a Cooler).

    Weight: 26.46 Pounds.

    MSRP: $629.00

    Installation Drawing:

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