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    Is there a bulletin board on FABO that folks can put up a note on for 3rd parties? If there is, where is it and how is organized?

    The reason I'm asking it that I've moved from North Texas to Central Texas. My contacts in Dallas are a long way off. I have a front bench seat that needs beefing up and re-upholstery. By beefing up, I need to have seat springs that will accommodate a 300 lb person. I have a Legendary upholstery seat kit I'd like to have installed.

    Note posted:
    I had a pair of valve covers powder coated by Phoenix Specialty Coatings. Leanna (cudachick1968) did a vc_0363.jpg vcfd01.JPG vc_0363.jpg vcfd01.JPG great job! You can ship to her. If too big to ship and want to drag it in, PSC is located in West Tennessee.
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