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Car Covers

  1. Looking for a car cover for my Duster. My wife bought me a Covercraft Wolf Ready-Fit Block-It 200 and it looks great for dust and dirt but has no padding and seems not so soft.

    My car is parked in a heated garage but I'd like some dent and side protection. Also hoping for more of a secure fit than a universal cover.

    What are you using?

  2. Glad you posted it I'm looking for the same thing for my ride.
  3. As far as the dings from (and to in my situation) the "other" car in the garage, I've found this 1-1/2" thick foam can absorb the typical opening of the door into it. It's similar to seat foam. The one side that is coated I leave toward the outside. I did not purchase this. I believe it came as packaging for an intake manifold. I almost tossed it out.

  4. California Car Cover makes covers that are tailored for your car. My cover fits like e a glove and is an all weather cover with heavy flannel lining, but our Calif. weather is not harsh.

  5. Do you recall which one from California you bought? I'm looking at the Dust Top as it's interior only. I really only want the dust and ding protection.

  6. I use a big piece of cardboard with an old blanket on the car side. I have a cutout for the door handle that I use to secure it. It works well preventing the door dings from my wife’s car door.
  7. I bought two, one for outdoors and trips and one for indoors at home, I checked and I think the indoor one is the plushweave SKU P03. I got caught out in Reno at HAN and put on the plush weave (I happened to have it with me) with the outdoor ultra over it, the car stayed dry and only the ultra was moist. It looks like the dust top would be good for you.