Carlisle coming... or is it?

Michael Brisebois

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FABO Gold Member
Nov 26, 2017
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Huntington, Ma
I'm concerned about the event. I'm seeing a notice that the info on this event "may be out of date", online.

I got a 6 hour drive. I expect that the show will be smaller....just hoping it's on

Does anyone have anything definitive?
Duster going out tomorrow for the 50year feature in building T and a Neon packed with parts coming out Friday...
All ready to head out Friday at 2:00 AM. Either alone or with an uncle, my son has his first HS hockey summer league game Saturday so he can't go this year. He has been with me the first 4 years we went. Oh well....Its going to be different but I still wouldn't miss it. Can't wait to see the 50 year anniversary display since my car turned 50 on May 10th.
A smaller dhow this year, but it was enjoyable and it's good that they had it. There was a few places that were difficult to stay 6' apart, but I thought that every one was considerate of the situation. I came prepared to buy a lot, and came back last night with most of my money....more to spend next year

Thank you to Carlisle for making this happen!