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Coming to you from a nearby USB stick...........

  1. I'm on here booted up to a "Linux Mint Live" system on a USB stick

    Well I blew up my "hard drive." This laptop has space for a "normal" hd, a "swap bay" for battery/ DVD/ another hd, and then a special little hole under the keyboard for something called a mSATA slot. So I picked up one of these mSATA things and cloned the Whinehozed Sloven and partitions and installed Liniux Mint on there

    No idea how long that's been, couple of years? Maybe more?


    And I put a huge SSD storage drive in where the "normal" hd goes

    So last night, after an update yesterday, things were just not quite "right." And this morning, it will not boot. So I've got some utilities going, trying to figure out what

    Right now it says "searching for file systems on /dev/sdb6" and "it ain't goin' well"
  2. ...........And...........we are done. Time to dig out another laptop and tear this one apart. Have to remove the keyboard to get to the mSATA

  3. Got a TI/99A you can use as soon as i get it back from Bezo's, he used to calc the aerodynamics of of his phalliorocket.
    But, i want it back !
  4. Well I'll be............Booted er up and fiddled around on and off with a USB "live" and doing a bit of searching, and tried some "clean up utilities" but it kept up with some (of course terse) nonsense about "doing a manual fsck" and this is from the "DOS like" boot up process. That command seemed to be missing and I didn't know where to go from there

    Finally searched while booted, and found a procedure. Thing rattled and banged and did a bunch of nonsense and

    WE ARE BACK ON THE AIR!!! (For how long??)

    Ran this

    How to Use 'fsck' to Repair File System Errors in Linux

    from a terminal while booted to the USB stick.

    This by the way is something you cannot do in whendozed.........run an OS while fixing and troubleshooting the lamer one.
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  6. LOL I've actually got a 555 Shure, albeit with a different "mike" cartridge inside ans the original was bad. The original design dates back to '39
  7. ...............And, the fix did not work........Just got done installing the latest version of Linux Mint/ Mate so "we'll see" I got to damn hurried and completely forgot to save my bookmarks. Maybe time to clean them out, anyhow LOL