[SOLD] Comp Cams dual valve springs, retainers, teflon seals and keepers, NEW

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    I have for sale a complete dual valve spring setup that includes all of the valve springs, 10 degree retainers, Teflon type seals and 10 degree keepers. All from Comp Cams and was originally going to be used on a 340 engine.

    COMP Cams Valve Springs 995-16

    COMP Cams Steel Valve Spring Retainers 740-16

    COMP Cams Valve Seals 505-16

    COMP Cams Super Valve Locks 626-16

    The valve springs have both an inner and outer spring with a 1.437 OD, 115 lbs of seat pressure at 1.700” and lbs 336 open pressure at 1.150” with a spring rate of 402 lbs/in and coil bind at 1.02”. The retainers have a .690” ID and use 10 degree keepers. The keepers are the 4 groove design and are 10 degree design to go with the retainers. The seals are the positive stop design made of PTFE material, for a 3/8 valve stem and a .530” valve guide top. All of these parts have never been used and are still in the original packaging. I would like to get $175 for everything plus the shipping.
    Edison, NJ

    dscn6208-jpg-jpg.jpg dscn6212-jpg-jpg.jpg dscn6218-jpg-jpg.jpg dscn6214-jpg-jpg.jpg dscn6216-jpg-jpg.jpg
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