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Cooling System

  1. I'm looking for some advise/options.
    I have a 1971 Duster with a 360 CID and a 904 automatic transmissiom that I use for recreational drag racing only. It has a Mopar viscous fan on it currently, I'm thinking of installing a 16: Flex-a-lite electric fan so I can keep it running to cool the radiator once I get back to the pits. The engine temperature while the engine is running is 190 degrees F. but goes well above 200 degrees F. once I shut the engine off.
    What HP advantage might there be by going to an electric fan and how much draw would there be on the battery with the engine shut off?
    Any advise would be appreicated.

    Thanks Ken Blackman
  2. Just some food for thought same situation.I installed a champion 26 inch radiator and 2 12 inch fans.Will not cool in staging lane temp continues to rise.Have not tried shroud yet would probably help.Kevin.
  3. from what i learned you need a shroud are its not going to cool, the best it can..even if you go to electric fan make sure to cover the rest of the radiator to get the air to pull through the fan and radiator not around it...you will see a diff..:glasses7:
  4. The water temp will go up when you shut the engine off because there is no WATER circulation..you could have 20 fans on the rad and it will not cool the water in the block.

    Hint....All cars do what yours is doing. It does no harm,
    Shut your daily driver off after a drive.
    Go back in 5 minutes, turn the ignition on and look at your temp guage.
  5. Not always true. If you have an electric water pump, you can shut the car off and keep the water pump going which will circulate coolant through the block.
  6. Nobody mentioned an electric water pump, just an electric fan.
  7. True but there is a way to cool the block with the motor for
  8. On our race car we have a Moroso electric water pump drive, as well as a 16" electric fan (unshrouded). While in the staging lanes the engine is not running, but the fan and water pump are. We spray water from a small spray bottle on the radiator while the pump and fan are running it keeps the engine temp down to 140-160. When we return to the pits, we soak the radiator with water while the fan is running to cool the water in the radiator. From there we cycle the pump to circulate the water, cooling the engine. Unless we have back to back runs, the enigine is about 120-130 before we hit the staging lanes again.

    Bill S.
  9. If I run both an electric fan and an electric water pump, what will I have to do to keep the battery charged?