craftsman drill press run out

The way these chucks are mounted with a taper lends themselves by default to a certain amount of runout, especially with bad machining to begin with as so many seem prone to. Older ones are probably better, but they have other issues brought on by age and abuse. Sometimes it's possible spin the chuck in the spindle, which will scar the internal surface. You could spend some money (After verifying the spindle integrity) and get a nice Jacobs chuck. Same basic thing but generally a higher quality part. Any corrosion, gunk, ridges, dust in the spindle taper will through it off.
I don't know why I didn't suggest that. I have a Jet drill mill. It has a taper that accepts collets, and then an adapter shaft for the chuck. Collets are much more true than the chuck.

In looking back, even though I don't use it much, MAN am I glad I bought it (used) when I did!!! I think I paid 400, I don't remember.

I love my mill/drill
Have the same issue on my drill press, definitely not chinesium, I have a floor model (taller than me) Rockwell delta from 1973. (Don't have the model number handy, it's in the garage and I ain't at this moment) identical to what my high school shop classes had in the 80s.... Litsa wobble in the chuck.
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You need one of these.......


I have an older Delta Rockwell drill press that the drive pulley keeps working loose on. I need to get it apart and see what's goin on.
C'mon rusty... I thought you of anybody could do anything.....