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Cuda Capers: 4-15-07

  1. Good news! With the exception of welding up a few small holes under the hood and finish welding the transmission hump, the car is ready for color. The quarters and strikers are done. Next weekend I drop off the rims.

    This is coming along great!
    My Wife is genuinely happy to see the car suck up money like a crack habit. God bless her!

    Both strikers are done and finished. Just have to sand the jams smooth and prime/paint.
    This quarter was particularly sad looking... It was boinked hard at one time.
    Just have to plug up a few excess holes and openings and we're good to go. With the exception of the bottoms of both rear quarters, there was no rust repair on the car. I knew from day 1 that this was a solid foundation to build on. I just honestly didn't think it would take this long with all the set backs I've encountered. I was told more than likely the doors, fenders, trunk, hood, and jams will be painted by next weekend.

    I can't wait!
  2. Those quarters look real nice. Can't wait to see some color on them. Mike
  3. Going to be a BEAUTIFUL car! Now lets see how many times YOU actually get to drive it instead of the Mrs.
  4. Drum roll time.........looking real good John! It`s going back the original color ,isn`t it?
  5. Yes, it's going to be LL1 Turquoise with a black interior.

    Hmmm... no worries there. My Wife refuses to drive anything bigger than a sub-compact car. Her GTI is just fine... by comparison the Barracuda would be huge. She doesn't even want to TRY and drive the Dart, never mind the `Cuda!

    While I was out there today I saw a `Vette he was working on finished. Sorry for the dark pictures, but you get the idea of the finish.


    The color is Lemans Blue that ironicly appears to be Turquoise! The upper photo is almost a perfect match for my color in that picture!
  6. We are gonna be painting my pop`s 68 Dart GTS this week,guess the color........LL1.Neat different color!I`m sick of Black on my Dart already,to much upkeep.Keep up the progress pics!
  7. Just today I was joking about never seeing another car painted LL1, until mine is done. Then the first show I attend I'll be parked in a row of `em!

    Please post pictures when she's painted. Maybe we'll start the LL1 Association, or some such silliness....

  8. Thats a funny line and so true.

    My money doesn't even get a chance to go into my wallet before
    the 'Cuda snorts it.
  9. Looking real good FASTBACK340.
    It sure douse help when you have the support of the wife.
    You got your self a good one :thumbup:

    That will be one fine barracuda my friend, good looking work. :thumbup:
  10. Yeah...Amy is way cool with all of this. She honestly wants to see me finish it and be cruising. But of course, once mine is finished I can start on HER toy, a VW Rabbit ragtop. When we buy our next house we might have to stipulate garage space over the number of bedrooms or closets!

    And yes, Bret is doing good work. I ran my hand over the quarters this afternoon and felt absolutely not a trace of a ripple or uneveness. I'm quiet pleased so far.