73 Dart Sport
Nov 19, 2007
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Fredericton NB Canada
I was thinking of putting a Y pipe and a electric exhaust cutout on each side just after my headers! anyone use them before? what are your thoughts?
i run a manual exhaust cutout after each header collector. they are cool, wish they were electric! but those are too much $$ for me at the momeny:D
This is nothing but pure adolescent, immature, and irresponsible modifications done for no other reason than to be loud & obnoxious.

I'm installing electric cutouts next winter.... :-D
I would love to install a set of these but the price is to great! Anyone have a used set 4-sale or could we all get together and get BIG discount?
Mike, where did you get the manual ones. What size pipes are they?

By manually i mean i gotta get down there and pull the wingnuts off, i have 3". If i knew what i know now about exhaust i'd have a different setup to get a lil more power down 8)
After gettin my car running with the rebuilt 318 last summer, i didn't want to put the exhaust on. The 40 series flowmastes sound awesome, but open headers sounded great! nothing like your neighbors 3/4 of a mile away hearing you start your car up inside the garage.

but $300 is a little expensive at the moment, but tax return isn't too far away...
Back in the early 60's, we used to use gas tank filler tubes as cut outs. You just took the gas caps off and exhaust.
Remote cutouts operated with choke cables inside the car, were available from Hollywood Sam and JC Whitney. They did leak a bit though. Bet you can still find them.
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Here is one way to do it....

Exhaust Cutout (Small).JPG
I put the manual dumps after my x pipe. Take full effect of
the x at the strip. I did run around Car Craft Nats last
summer with them open. Everyone was running open exhaust.
Otherwise I don't do it.
I installed a set of manual ones right after the collector. Its a bit of a pain to reach under and spin off the wing nuts, so I put a spot of weld on the head of each of the bolts so they stay put when attaching and re-attaching the wing nuts making it a little more convenient. Im not sure if there is any more power running the open exhaust though, but the sound of a built 340 with wide open exhaust would even put a twinkle in the pope's eye.
I was thinking of putting a Y pipe and a electric exhaust cutout on each side just after my headers! anyone use them before? what are your thoughts?

My wife thought we needed them. So we have them.

I don't care for the way they are on the car and when it goes back together the hookers are gone and TTI in their place and a new SS X pipe and reloate the way the cutouts are in the system

Mine are made by Doug's and are a knife blade design and NO LEAKS at all when closed

a lot of my bee friends have them.. whne i do my twin tubro fairlane..i'm gonna do the electric cutout...bc i'm the only one who can stand cars that loud around here... so the $300 will be worth every penny..then havin to unbolt and rebolt every other day..i'm uts gonna do a single with a muffler so i don't have to buy 2 cutouts ;-) that turbo'd 5.0 is gonna be schweet!!! :)