CVF serpentine setup with magnum intake/t-stat location?

Magnum Engine Swaps

  1. LeftyJD

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    May 9, 2016
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    11:44 AM
    About to pull the trigger on the CVF serpentine conversion. Buuut I'm not sure the A/C compressor will clear the magnum t-stat/upper radiator hose?
    5.9 magnum, edelbrock heads,M-1 dual plane magnum intake (maybe RPM Air Gap down the road)
    LA timing cover/accessory drives
    Mech fuel pump

    Here's the kit I'm referring to:
    Stealth Black Small Block Chrysler Serpentine Conversion, Air Conditioning and Power Steering

    I'll run their saginaw P/S pump with the pressure drop valve so it'll be similar to the Pump it down setup. My old non-saginaw pump is shot anyways, so why not upgrade?

    Anybody running this setup or similar? The march setup is nice too but doesn't allow mech fuel pump.
  2. MileHighDart

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    Jun 3, 2004
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    I know some of you guys are dead set on keeping your mechanical fuel pumps, but just seems like a waste of time and money to put an LA setup on a magnum, and then spend $680 for some pulleys and belts to make it serpentine.

    I just used the original magnum serpentine setup and put an electric fuel pump on the car. Running the magnum power steering pump and the magnum alternator. All works great.

    The electric pump and lines doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Can certainly be done for much less than what you’re going to spend on that setup.

    Just my two cents
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    • rumblefish360

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      Jun 21, 2005
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      2:44 PM
      I agree. If you already have the LA parts on hand, fine.
      I myself just purchased an Edelbrock electric carb fuel pump. EZ to do. Purchase the wiring kit with it.
      No regulator needed.
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      • txstang84

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        Oct 10, 2011
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        9:44 AM
        I'm with the above...

        I dropped a 5.2 in my car and had the LA parts on hand, minus the intake. I bought the Hughes cam snout extender which came with its own issues in my experience.

        If I'd had it to do all over again, I'd have pirated around the junk yard for about $100 worth of Magnum accessory parts. I'll probably do that in the not too distant future anyway, as I plan to rebuild the engine with some IMM heads and drop on one of the aftermarket self contained TBI systems.

        The factory stuff isn't going to win any beauty contests, but the functionality and parts availability is hard to surpass IMHO.
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