CVF serpentine setup with magnum intake/t-stat location?

Discussion in 'Magnum Engine Swaps' started by LeftyJD, May 11, 2018.

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    About to pull the trigger on the CVF serpentine conversion. Buuut I'm not sure the A/C compressor will clear the magnum t-stat/upper radiator hose?
    5.9 magnum, edelbrock heads,M-1 dual plane magnum intake (maybe RPM Air Gap down the road)
    LA timing cover/accessory drives
    Mech fuel pump

    Here's the kit I'm referring to:
    Stealth Black Small Block Chrysler Serpentine Conversion, Air Conditioning and Power Steering

    I'll run their saginaw P/S pump with the pressure drop valve so it'll be similar to the Pump it down setup. My old non-saginaw pump is shot anyways, so why not upgrade?

    Anybody running this setup or similar? The march setup is nice too but doesn't allow mech fuel pump.