Do you think todays rattlecans have good, long lasting results ?

Big Dad

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May 27, 2011
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S.E. South Dakota
I have watched some youtube videos and the results look pretty good but, never seen one in real life ?

and, can anyone suggest something that will hold 6 of them , like an old school soda pop carrier might work ?

don't know where one would find one, looking to arranging my trailer with brake cleaner, window cleaner, etc. so they don't roll around in cabinets
Look for Pit Pal or Pit Posse. They both make racks for trailers to hold stuff including spray cans, oil and more. Amazon actually has a good selection of these racks.
The question, Do rattle cans have long lasting results? I use automotive primers and paints so I don't really know, but I figure rattlecan enamel lacks UV protection so it will fade????

Rattlean holder? Borrow a plastic milk jug holder. I guess they still use suck??
Cardboard six-pack holders will organize the cans and with a little extra cardboard and duct tape you can extend the handle up so you can carry them by the handle if you feel the need.

As to long lasting results, I think you need to define the target better. I will say that you are unlikely get as good as application or durability results as you would with proper paint applied from a properly setup spray gun. I use rattle cans on stuff that is under the car where looks don't matter.
The old wooden carates that hold the 5 cent Coke bottles would work. OK so inflation drove them the 6 cent and then a dime......... Maybe what the OP found.