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    Jul 16, 2017
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    I guess we should just scrap all super chargers, all they do is rob HP from the crank. They just pump extra air and hydrocarbons into the engine. The hydrocarbon fuels combust to force a slug of aluminum down in a cyl to turn a crank to rotate a pully to pump extra air and hydrocarbons into the engine.

    If we adapted the tech on small engines to make more power to bigger engines, maybe we would have 700 HP street gas engines that get 17 mpg.

    Oh wait we do.

    I like simplicity more than you could know. No power steering, no power brakes, point dist. carberated. After an EMP, my car will still run.

    But there is nothing wrong with new tech when implemented correctly (not the way the car makers do it.) Car makers need to make ALL of their engineers work as mechanics for 5 years before they design a bolt.

    I like the electric turbo idea. NOS would be much cheaper and do a better job for the money.

    The comments about huge alternators are misinformed. The way the system works ( go to their website and read their litrature ), is long recharge times, short boost times. Long charge times equals lower current draw during charge.

    Ok my rant is over.
    Flame on!
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