F Body 8 1/4 for sale

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Apr 19, 2010
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Up for sale is the old F body rear end that came with my Dart project. It's an 8 1/4 with a 2.94 open diff. No brakes, they were moved over to the new axle, but the brake lines are still there and good. The rear ran perfectly fine with no noise or leaks while in the car. For those that may not know, the F body rears are almost the exact same dimensions as a B body, so they swap in pretty easily to A bodies. The perches would need to be changed for an A body swap (they have extra large locater holes for a spring isolator setup), but you would want to move them in anyway to A body width so you could just get new ones. Asking $100 plus shipping from 66049 if you really want it shipped.

Rear End.jpg
Sure, perch to perch is the stock 44.5". It was not modified when put in the car previously, the springs were just bowed out and clamped down. Flange to flange is around 54.5", it's a little hard to tell with the cover on since I can't measure straight across. Stock claims 54.34" so take it as you will. It fit fine under the car with the wheels that I also have for sale (3.75 backspace on 6-7 width, not sure since tire is still on), but you would want bigger backspace for bigger tires. Had 205/60/14's on it with no rubbing on stock fenders.
Anyone willing to make an offer? It's basically a B body rear end that just needs the old perches cut off and new ones welded on to fit in an A body. Ran great while it was in the car, just wanting something bigger for power upgrades down the road.
In talks with CJ now, but if it falls through I forgot to mention I would also be willing to meet someone part way for delivery for some extra money if that would work. I live between Topeka and Kansas City and would be willing to drive probably about 2 hours out whatever direction. Worst case just ask if you are interested and I would let you know how far I'll go and how much it would be.
If anybody takes this rear end I have a very good set of gears for this diff. 3.55s and 3.21s
$75 + shipping? I'd really like to get this out of my way, it takes up a lot of room in my shed and does me no good sitting around. Would like to see it put to good use.
Crap I wish I'd seen this before I bought my 8 3/4...

How much do you think it would be to ship to 79606?
Crap I wish I'd seen this before I bought my 8 3/4...

How much do you think it would be to ship to 79606?

I'm really not sure for something like this, though I'm guessing unfortunately not all that cheap. I can strap it down on a pallet, but when I was looking up companies in the past I think it was in the $150-250 range. My dad shipped out an 8 3/4 years ago, but the buyer arranged everything, so we didn't know what it ended up running him.
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