FABO and FBBO Mopar Picnic - Mt. Holly, NJ - Sat. 5/18/19 @ 1 PM

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Added to Calendar: 05-18-19
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    It will be Saturday 5/18/19 at 1 PM. It’s BYOB and either a side dish or dessert. We will have burgers, dogs, water and soda. This is a no cost picnic, just a free hangout and eat get together.

    We love all Mopars no matter what shape they’re in. So bring whatcha got. Come even if you have to drive a Ford or Chevy to make it here!

    Start a private conversation with me and I’ll give you my address. (If you use GPS, it will say that you've arrived when you are still 1/2 mile away. Drive past the sports fields to the end of the road and turn left at the tee. Then make the next left possible down our driveway.)

    Hope to see you there!
    Bryan & Jim (Fratzog Lover)

    Here are some photos of our last picnic:
    E0DB6B41-A3D4-4D88-AEB7-34D9CFB51671.jpeg 537B8676-14C3-4C2E-9CC0-2ED481954821.jpeg 9CDF928F-43AC-416A-84A3-4F058FB1C3F7.jpeg AF82A9BB-34FA-4CD5-835B-14D5D06FC415.jpeg F79C4991-CF73-4C41-B120-D846442FA0F5.jpeg AFC27EA7-AC62-4EF2-88E0-3164C2044740.jpeg
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