Father-Son 1974 Duster Project

looks sharp. How close to the springs ?
A lot. But I am using the 3” relocation. I’m going to switch to the Dr. Diff relocation because with the 3” you can’t run the exhaust pipes in the factory location beside the gas tank on the ride side. The Dr. Diff relocation still is more inboard than the inside wheel housing.

Couldn’t find an underbody pic.
Getting a few little things tended to. A couple minor minor leaks and a worn nylon bushing in the shift linkage. Also getting the oem fan and clutch on and swapping out all clamps to a style that’s much more “original” looking…..


The Duster is still at the shop waiting on a few parts.
I'm looking for an OEM small block oil pan let me know if you have one....
So it was time to get some things done that were not 100% with the car since it we assembled it over 4 years ago.
She is getting a proper gasket for the rear differential seal, gaskets and seals in the transmission, new timing set, water pump, OEM fan with clutch, oil pan and a fresh coat of engine paint plus all new fasteners for the intake and bolt on accessories. She’s been away for a while but she is coming out great and looks awesome…..
Why did you not wait until winter to tear it down.
Driving weather is pretty decent now (between the everyday rain storms).
The car has been at this shop since Christmas! It's a one man operation and he has had Covid twice and getting some of the parts has been a challenge. All that aside he has gone through everything that was not up to par and addressed it. I'm guessing he will have the car a few more weeks and I can enjoy it for the fall...
Updates on the Duster in 2022 include:
Rear diff cover gasket
All new fuel system, tank to carb
All trans seals, gaskets, filter
New park-neutral/reverse switch
New oil pan
All top end gaskets
New timing chain
New harmonic balancer
New water pump
Oem fan and clutch
New belts and hoses
New Carb spacer
New Shift linkage bushings
New Windshield washer plumbing
Anything disturbed cleaned and painted

The car is now as close to being done as it’s ever going to be.










Well here it is January and the 73 duster is gone. We replaced it with a 74 Duster 318*904*8-1/4 car that we got for a song and it has a Title. This Duster isn’t as unmolested as the 73, but the fact that it is a factory V-8 car with front discs made it a no brainer for us to restore.
The car is missing the hood and has a cracked windshield, but the rest of the glass and the body is there, and the bumpers are clean with very little pitting( gotta take those big black bumper extensions off, they look really odd to me) In the engine bay is the stock 318 sitting there with the intake an valve covers removed. The 904, drive shaft and rear are all intact. The car is sitting on rallies on the front and cop car wheels on the back.
Inside the cluster is gone, and somewhere along the way these funky non folding bucket seats got bolted in front. I guess they came out of a 4 door. The back seat is nice and a lot of the interior trim panels are decent and can be restored stained and refinished . The floors are good except for the very front of the passenger front.
I also found an 84 360 out of a pickup with a dump body, TQ and all. It’s a nice runner but it’s real dirty. I was contemplating cleaning it up and running it the way it is with a new carb, but that’s a long way off, and the more I think about it, it would be stupid not to at least pull the heads off, take a look at the cylinder walls and pistons, and install a mild cam. What should I do to the heads while they are off besides plug the smog pump ports?
Is it better to do the pan and pickup before the top of the motor gets done or after? And we were wondering, how many horsepower did the 360 Ma put in the 74 a-bodies make from the factory?
We want to run the car with a very stock look under the hood, so we are looking for some 360 a-body manifolds. I have been told the manifolds from the 318 in the car are way too small for the 360. Also going to try to run the stock iron intake on the motor, but we are going to hide a nice new small Holley or Eddy carb under that stock snorkel air cleaner housing.
Well that’s it for now going to keep on pulling stuff off the car and de-greasing the 360 a few hours per weekend and in a few years we’ll hope to have a nice ride down to the cruise night car shows……

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I think you would be surprised at the flow of the 318 manifolds. Nick's Garage tested the magnum manifolds
And the 2 1/8 manifolds only produced 3 more hp than the 1 7/8 ones
Also accomplished getting some more appropriate looking clamps on the hoses and I got that heater hose support that I have owned for 6 years in place..
These are a few of my favorite pictures of the car. I still get a big kick out of seeing it in the garage!





So I’m wondering if anyone has used a re-chrome shop they would recommend?
I don’t mind shipping to them.
It might just be time to get some chrome bumpers on Misty….




Tri City Plating in Elizabethton, TN. They are the only ones I will let touch my bumpers. I consider myself lucky that they are an hour away from me, but they do come to Spring Carlisle and Carlisle Mopar show.

Tri-City Plating Co. Inc. - Chrome Plating for the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas
These guys are who I used as well. I am in Canada and sent them my bumpers. They did a great job. I made a custom front bumper from a 68 camaro and it wasn't perfect where the holes were filled and after I got it back you couldn't even tell there was ever a hole there. Will definitely deal with them again.
I was lucky my Dart is a pitted very little I polished the crap out of them. I thought yours were body color? Issues?