Figured id share my garbage..

Finally wrestled the trans down after seriously considering buying a low profile trans jack, building something, and even bothering @TT5.9mag (he’s really a rad guy if you haven’t met him)

Not sure if I’ll start reassembly tonight or save it for another day.


Dice pro mod series 10” versus 10” billet from TCS, worked great when the car was N/A.
Don’t go spreading rumors about me now. People may start to believe you.
Finally buttoned up the convertor change. No leaks, topped off the fluid, cruised it around. Initial cruise the car feels better, convertor doesn’t feel near as loose as the old one. Have to really work the brakes now to try and load the motor up. Rolled into it in 2nd, destroyed the radials, grabbed high gear and could hear an actual shift now and continued to leave stripes till I lifted. Car is certainly much rowdier now.