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first mopar with mopar running gear

  1. tulsa okla. area.first time 340 build will need lots of help.71 scamp,340,4 speed.if I ever get this laptop to load pics i'll post some.
  2. There are 3-4 guys that run at the drags that are (I would consider , experts) on 340`s. Probably more-----------
  3. Welcome aboard
    Me likie your combo
  4. Welcome aboard :thumbsup:
  5. Welcome! Small block with a 4 spd, super combo.
  6. Welcome from another 340 4 speed owner of the Plymouth variety, a low mileage 72 Duster.
  7. :welcome: from NC
  8. Welcome from the DEEP south.
  9. Welcome from the "near deep" south!!

    Post up those pics when you get a chance.
  10. I'm in Oklahoma City. Just finished up a 2 month DOT project in sand springs. What part of Tulsa are you in?
  11. live between jenks and sapulpa
  12. live between jenks and sapulpa
  13. My sister lives in Mounds! That's pretty close to where your at. I trailered my dart to her place a few weeks ago and went to the mopars at the strip at Tulsa drag strip. Did you happen to go?
  14. Out of curiosity, what Mopar's did you have without Mopar power?

    I had a 69 Chevy Belair for a few years, had a 327 with a power glide tranny, the engine was tired and on a steady diet of 2 quarts of oil a week, so I sold it to my cousin, he put in a 383 and 727 from a old Plymouth wagon he had, the engine was so big he cut a big rectangular hole in the hood then made a scoop out some sheet metal for carburetor clearance, was the best that thing ever ran!
  16. try to stay away from the strip,gets in your blood to easaly
  18. Just drove through Tulsa a couple of months ago in my '77 Ramcharger....
    Welcome from the Midwest!
  19. [​IMG] had a 36 Plymouth 5 window coupe I bought at leak action in okc about 2010.350,350,all steel 2.5" chop,4 corner air ride.really nice car but very uncofertable.allways wanted a fat fender car and now I,ve had one.about 42k invested by the time I sold for 35K a year ago.last time I looked it was on craigslist foe sale here in tulsa,check it out.
  20. PB082549.JPG P5142258.JPG
  21. I got these to load,not great pic of my scamp but best I have on laptop.this was my 36 coupe.