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    Jun 17, 2020
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    This is a small and perhaps not very interesting post, but I was having trouble finding an adapter to allow me to mount an aftermarket steering wheel.
    Everywhere I tried said discontinued, and I was going to have to buy a SECOND adapter to install the wheel I already had, because I am, well, a cheap skate.
    Fist thing, I cut the center out of the original steering wheel.
    Next cut a 3/16 steel plate, then drilled and tapped to fit the 6 bolt aftermarket steering wheel.

    Next I welded the two together, after boring out a hole for the center nut and a couple for the wheel puller.
    A bit of paint and done!
    I still need to make a cosmetic cover to match the wheel to the steering column, but that is simple enough.
    It took a good couple hours, but my time isn’t worth much, and spending nearly $80 for doubled up adapters was no bueno

    the one thing I totally bailed on was the horn. It was going to be a bit of hassle to make work, and in nearly 40 years of driving I have never used my horn except to say hello, so I will mount a horn button somewhere other than the center of the wheel.





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      Nice work I like:thumbsup:
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