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Nov 27, 2007
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Well, I found a running driving car that I would like to get. The only way that I could is to sell my Gold Duster. I am trying to decide if this is what I want to do and if I would even get enough money out of my Duster to touch the other car. The other car is a 73 Swinger in good condition. It has a stock 318 in it and has a nice body. I could get in it and drive it today.

The thing is, is I have some nice parts for my Duster and I don't know if I could get what I need out of it. I found out yesterday that my 360 is froze, but I don't see any rust. So I am letting some oil sit in the pistons to see if that helps. What do you think my Gold Duster is worth? Here is a list of what I have for the car.

Factory 73 Dart hood scoop
71 360 with J heads
727 trans
65 b-body 8 3/4 w/ 741 case 3:91 sure grip
V8 K-frame installed
Wieand Stealth intake
73 850 CFM TQ carb
Mopar Performance air filter
Holley valve covers
Brand new high torque starter
MSD coil
15x10 rear slotts
15x7 front slotts
OEM rust free full 1/4's from another Duster I parted out.
Tuff wheel
Duel mirrors
I will have a luntini Voodoo cam too
Lots of other new and used parts.
And much more.

There are tons of pics here,

Any help of value would be great.
Thanks, Jeremy


Jul 11, 2009
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shoot it looks pretty clean about 2000-3000 it apears to have no major rust and it comes with all that at least 2500