Golden Super Cruise, Golden Colorado

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    Golden Super Cruise
    Golden Super Cruise - Golden, CO Car Show
    Golden, Colorado

    West of Denver
    I 70 west to US 40 (Colfax) west to Moss St. north to S. Golden blvd
    5:00 PM to 8:30PM

    Parking in most any parking lot, buy food from the many businesses, or just cruise around

    Saturday, August 7
    Saturday, September 4
    Saturday, October 2

    Coming from South Golden Road, turn Left at 19th and Ford, go two blocks to turn Right at Washington Avenue, drive through town to 10th, turn right two blocks to Ford, Ford becomes Jackson and either turn Right at 19th back to Washington or go back to South Golden Road. If you want to loop back through town, cross 10th, turn Right on 9th, Right on 10th, Left on Washington Avenue

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