Good luck and bad luck

Big Dad

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May 27, 2011
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S.E. South Dakota
Made it to the finals Last night with some good luck pull into the lanes, slick is almost flat , ran back got air bubble , slapped 10 lbs in it quick , my light was .019 to his .036 , he ran dead on with a 4 ..My sixty ft went to chit , couldn't catch him $250 and a r/u trophy
Congrats on placing in the money! I know you wanted to win it all, but that's racing.
I was in the semi finals with 3 cars left, one of us was going to get a bye into the finals and my car wouldn't start!
Had to take 3rd place money and I found out that I had the bye! I would have been up against a guy in the finals that I regularly beat. That's how it goes sometimes.
Found out later that my starter solenoid went bad. Put in the trailer by a $10 part! :(
Ordered new tube, took the tire apart .. looked and looked for the hole, it was tiny , like the size of a ball point pen , nothing in tire, could not find a hole ??? really strange. the hold in the tube was not on the face of the silck, more like sidewall, very low on sidewall ??

went out Saturday and went 3 rounds then had a .50 part fail me .. grrrr