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Greetings from Oregon

  1. Hello everyone - I joined a few weeks ago, but only now getting around to introducing myself. My name is Jesse and I recently got into another A body after several years. My last one was a 1971 Demon and I sold it in 2006.

    I recently picked up a rust free 1972 Duster Twister - it's a 318 car and the plan is just to have fun with it.

    Anyways, thanks everyone - see you around

  2. Congrats on the new acquisition, welcome aboard
  3. BA50F192-3F4F-4E74-AF80-3F9856BCF837.jpeg
  4. Welcome from Texas, keep us posted on your progress.
  5. Welcome from Central Oregon.
  6. Welcome from another Central Oregonian.
  7. Welcome to FABO, from the Land of Lincoln. Most excellent, happy to see you back into the Mopar lifestyle.
  8. Welcome- that car looks very familiar... grab it out of the Boise area?
  9. Thanks everyone - indeed, it did come from that area.
  10. Very cool- yeah that's a good solid car. Contemplated grabbing it myself, but I'm kind of out of room....and then there's the wife.
  11. :welcome: from :canada:
  12. Welcome from the frozen tundra via Oregon! Looks like a great car. Drive it man drive it!
  13. Welcome from across the river! That's a sweet looking ride, how about more pictures?
  14. Welcome to the site, sweet duster I’m here in Oregon to Springfield. Dustin
  15. Welcome from another Oregonian! I'm here in Medford.
  16. Dont recognize it ... was it on CL ?
  17. Welcome from the battle field...
  18. I found it on FB marketplace....had to expand my search a bit from my immediate area, happy to have spotted it.
  19. For sure - I try not to go much more north than the dragstrip in Woodburn these days :)
  20. Maybe see ya there on the 17th?..
  21. Like the Vinyl Top and the color. It will be nice!
  22. Ooh there is a 74 Mazda B1600 between Medford and Eugene..wanna take a look at it for me? Just kidding. :)
  23. There is nothing between Medford and Eugene! Hah!
  24. Accurate LTD exhaust is there, but really there is nothing.
  25. Canyonville? It was posted 5 weeks ago, probably crushed by now.
  26. Looks like I may have waited to long to buy the ticket. Seems the only ones available are for Sunday...too bad I like to hit the swap meet on the first day :)
  27. It's just the local Mopar Nationals at Woodburn it's only on Sunday anyways. That's the day it's all Mopar with the car show the drag races in the swap meet. Earlier in the weekend it's just normal Friday night drags and hundred mile qualifier and the regular Sunoco race series ET stuff...
    Sunday the 17th is the day..
  28. PXL_20220627_031425284.jpg PXL_20220627_031330685.jpg
  29. Welcome from Hot and Humid Rainy Tampa Bay FLA
  30. Hi, nice to meet you.
  31. Roseburg? Lol
  32. Howdy from New Mexico. Got My 73 from the Portland area when I lived up there. Miss OR and friends but not the rain so much.
  33. Cottage Grove is where Dave Rea has his shop, a bustling Metropolis for sure.
  34. Hey Allen still have the GTX?
  35. I didn't realize he moved out from Grave Yard cars. GYC is in Springfield. I wonder if he does minor things.
  36. It showed up on my courier Facebook page! looks like someone went out there and snagged it from the jaws of the crusher.
  37. Till I die my friend.

    Current r6 (2).jpg
  38. Dave has not been With GYC for a few years. He is on FB DB Restorations in C Grove. He is a great guy. I usually go up to OR after HAN in Reno for a month or so to help My Buddy @ Lost in Time Restos in Cheshire by Junction City. They are doing some if not all his body and paint work. Dave dose the metal and they do the primer,blocking and color. I think he would be more than happy to help you. Cant make it his year due to fuel $$. 1700 miles one way Ya know. Tell the boys George says Hi.