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Happy Birthday Adam!

  1. Happy birthday @AdamR ! Hope yours is a great day! Glad to see your're back!

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  3. I'm getting old guys. Lol I started this site just after my 25th birthday. Now I'm 43. So the site is about to turn 22.
  4. Happy Birthday, Adam.
    Enjoy your day, bud.
    It's good to have you back where you belong.
  5. HBD. Old? Try 65. I’m old.
  6. Happy birthday Adam , still digging this great site.
    Hope all is well young man , stay sharp out there bud.

  7. Wait according to my math FABO is 18 years old?
  8. That makes much more sense. Especially now that Ive had coffee. I started the site when I was home taking care of my son shortly after he was born. He's 17. lol

  9. Ill take it ! But remember. No matter how good looking she is. Some where, some guy is tired of her shit !
  10. Happy Birthday Adam and thanks for starting this crazy place.
  11. :rofl:
  12. HBD Adam, play some music/bass and have a beer!
  13. Adam, HBD! I really glad you started the site, there are great people here that you had a hand in bringing together. They are will to share their knowledge with all of the members. Yes, it is a "funny farm" from time to time but it all evens out, But, I'm sorry to tell you there are plenty of our fine members who well outrank you in age. LMAO
  14. Just happened to check in today and saw this. HBD bud!
  15. You are old Adam, you joined here in the last century! :poke::rofl:

  16. Happy Birthday, Adam!
  17. WhoooOOOOOOoooOooaaaa!!!!!

    Da man is back in town and now it’s his birthday!
    This most be a get a lotto ticket sign!

    HBD Adam!