Hello from Texas

Big Dad

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May 27, 2011
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S.E. South Dakota
I don't join many new forums but, I have a new project figured this might be helpful in tech tips etc .

My latest build has started , 65 Valiant wagon

I am the same Big Dad off the other sites

Glad to have ya, from a fellow wagon owner. I'm sure your wagon will be as nice as your other cars, especially the truck.
C'mon BIG DAD,you've been lurkin here for some time now:thumbup:Glad ya joined up,great buncho guys & dolls here.They even let me hang out here and I don't have an "A" body anymore:wink:
Welcome to FABO from SoCal. You're going to have fun here. Gotta post pics of your rides!
Here is my 1964 Plymouth race car,it broke into the 9's now ..

This one is styled after the pushbuttons in a 64 Plymouth
The buttons say "don't push my buttons"

And the small print below my name says "the church of higher RPM"

Thanks , if anyone wants one or more !

Pm me I'll give you payment details, etc

I have many more designs in my head, takes some time to shake them out and get them made and inventory built is kinda expensive, need to move some out !

Everyone is laughing at me but, I have a idea for this ugly duckling
ignore those things in the background, this is where I found it